What is really the stretch ceiling system?
The stretch ceiling is a false ceiling made of a vinyl membrane, called « canvas », which becomes flexible and extensible under the effect of heat during installation. To do this, our professional staff will install and set up the profiles all around the perimeter of your room, at the desired height.
The Tracks will absolutely espouse all the forms of your room.
The empty space between your ceiling and the membrane is called plenum space, this plenum space it accommodates and conceals all the necessary technical installations like AC vents, spotlights, cables, etc.
The Stretch Ceiling system is very popular around the world for decades. You can choose from many colors and different finish like Glossy mirror, smooth Satin, granulated Matte, different color of Translucent, Suede, Chameleon, Pearl, Sparkling, Marble, Printed, Carved stretch ceiling, etc.

We use only European Approved vinyl Membrane.

Printed LED Stretch Ceiling on Translucent Membrane
Stretch ceiling glossy Orlando
Orlando Black reflective stretch ceiling
white vinyl membrane mirror Orlando
Mirror stretch ceiling Orlando USA