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Tips for Saving Money

Contacting us at the start of your restoration project is the greatest method to save money on stretch ceiling installation.

Even though we usually install the stretch ceiling last, it is preferable for us to arrive early and discuss how the work will be structured and how we can assist.


Consider the following two examples:
– Tiling a room from the floor to the ceiling.
In this situation, we’ll have to drill the tiles with a diamond bit to install our profile, but if a 1 inch gap had been specified upstream, our profile would be stapled to the drywall. Time and hence money are saved.


– Popcorn ceiling.
Removing the popcorn onto the ceilings before installing a stretch ceiling.
No need at all, since the stretch ceiling is 3/4 inch below the popcorn and does not touch it, the client will lose money.

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