The Stretch Ceiling Orlando

The Stretch ceiling System or also named “The French Ceiling” is a real simple concept with 2 basic component: a track fixed onto your wall below your actual ceiling and a vinyl membrane stretched from wall to wall. This amazing product was elaborated in France since 40 years ago and its worldwide widespread.
Now you can hide your ugly popcorn ceiling without the mess, you can also hide the renovation new pipe onto your ceiling, you can renovate your ceiling with a perfect glossy reflective membrane or use the smooth satin finish, you also can have your ceiling printed with your wish picture, you can have a sparkling ceiling, a pearl colored ceiling and much more. The possibilities are endless.
Now your ceiling will be real piece of ART.

– We use only the ORIGINAL method of Stretch Ceiling, your membrane will be removable and reassembled the same day and as many times it will be necessary for your convenience or your contractor if needed.

 – Quality – Price – Service –Warranty -Certification – Qualification – Experience.

-We use only the thicker membrane on the market.

-Our glossy finish membrane is high reflective quality.

– We install ONLY European membrane, not the toxic, cheapest and smelly one.

– Batica Renov Company has elaborated his own stretch ceiling installation system with significantly upgraded stretch ceiling techniques.

– The ceiling is not always a square room of 4 angles / 200 sqf, so when it’s much larger surfaces with a lot of difficulties, it is at that moment that we recognize a professional.

– We are licensed and insured.

– We are Certified Stretch Ceiling Installer since 1990.

– Batica-Renov USA in Florida since 2014..

– We can show you REAL pictures of our job ( Not the one Buying on internet ).

– We have real proven satisfied customer.

– We have installed over 1.500.000 Sqf of Stretch Ceiling and counting…


Beige Glossy Refelective Stretch Ceiling
Black Mirror Stretch Ceiling by BaticacRenov USA